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Summer Swimming Fun

a red-and-white buoy floating in a sparkling swimming pool
It's summer here in Odenton, MD, and you know what that means! Its the best weather to enjoy our swimming pool here at Riverscape. A swimming pool can be a place of relaxation, exercise, or excitement, depending on the swimmer. For this months blog, were focusing on the exciting part with a list of pool games easily enjoyed by those taking a dip. However, please remember that while swimming you should continue to maintain the pool rules. Be respectful and safe, but don't forget to have fun!

Popsicle A variation of freeze tag, this game consists of one person being and remaining it. They then begin to chase down others, freezing them with a touch. Players frozen must remain immobile. However, if a player is underwater they cannot be tagged it, and if they swim past a frozen swimmer (otherwise known as a Popsicle) while underwater they unfreeze them.

Dolphin Races Also called mermaid races or underwater races, this game is all about seeing who can swim underwater for the longest. To add something more to the game, participants can add an actual race to the event, seeing who can make it to a point first while underwater.

Treasure Hunt An object is thrown into the pool. Participants must find the item, and the first one to discover it wins. Coins are typically the best item to use for this game, which provides a twist. If you throw in multiple coins, whoever comes up with the most money wins!

Noodle Jousting Pool noodles are a swimming pool classic, and since their invention users have always been jousting. There's no need for a horse, pole, and shield when a styrofoam noodle can do just as good of a job, right? The game is largely self-explanatory, with participants acting as medieval knights trying to knock the other off their noodle. The last remaining noodle rider gets crowned king.

Those are some of our favorite pool games. Did we miss one of yours? Let us know in the comments!