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Room Escape Games around Odenton

A wooden door in a brick wall in shadows.
Have you ever tried a “room escape” game? In these activities, a group of friends is locked inside a room filled with puzzles and hidden clues that they have to solve in order to escape before the time runs out and certain (fictional) doom falls upon them. Most teams don’t make it. Will you?

 We’ve gathered together a list of a few venues in the Odenton area where residents of Riverscape apartments can go for an exciting room escape adventure, along with some Yelp reviews to let you know a bit about what you can expect.

 Laurel’s House of Horror

 “This place does not cease to amaze me and they are clearly raising the bar, year after year. I sponsored a room escape for a group of volunteers for us to enhance our teams relationship and all I can say is that this is the BEST and HARDEST room escape I have ever been a part of. Keep in mind, they do turn down the scare factor on the room escape because not many people expect it, tell them you want a scare factor of 10 ahead of time and they will make sure to take care of you.” — Aakash S.

 Escape Artist DC

 “This is a must do!  The puzzle room was well thought out and incredibly intricate.  We did not get out of the room, and it's really nice that the staff comes in and explains how you could have "escaped".  I went with a group of 4 so there were 3 strangers with us and there was plenty of space for us all to explore and try to solve the puzzle.  I'd highly recommend this, from the decent price to the actual experience I was really pleased.” — Akiko E.

The Escape Lounge

 “This was my second "escape" type activity & this one was different, but great as well!  The waiting area is sleek & spacious, perfect for groups congregating.  There is a chalkboard wall to write on & take pics up against.

 The clues are challenging, but hints are offered when the phone in the office rings.  My group of 4 was able to make it out in 53.5 minutes, and we were proud of ourselves for getting out in time.  This is a fun group activity, perfect for birthdays, team building, just a night out....

 Love that you can make your reservation online & have it confirmed instantly.   I was happy with the value for the price paid.

 Highly recommend!” — Teri P.