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Mutt's Day Ahoy!

A dog with puppy dog eyes standing on a mat.
Whether you live alone or with others, there can be that lingering feeling of wanting a bigger family. Odenton, MD is a friendly place to live, and Riverscape plays a part in what makes our community feel so much like a home. But that can only make the desire to welcome more into your apartment all the bigger. Luckily there's an upcoming holiday that could help to alleviate that! Pets are a big part of many a family, and dogs especially hold the position of being one of the best species you can welcome into your home. Were a pet-friendly community here at Riverscape, so we're here to help you celebrate that aforementioned holiday in full. National Mutt Day is back on July 3st! While purebred dogs are what you typically see in media, mutts have statistically shown to be healthier, more well-rounded dogs than the often inbred purebred breeds. To help you take a look at what our community has to offer in the way of Mutts were taking a look at the Animal Welfare Society. The Animal Welfare Society has been serving Howard County, Maryland community since 1944. They are a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and we receive no government funding. As their site states: Animals love us and so will you! We cater to four-legged friends like no one else. We treat them like family. We've built our reputation on providing a second (or third, or fourth...) chance to animals in need. Animals in our care have no "expiration date." When we take in an animal we make that animal a promise; to take care of him or her come thick or thin. We see to it that each animal in our care is placed in the best possible home, and we follow up to make sure that everything is going well. If the animal needs to be re-homed again, be it in eight months, or eight years, we will always welcome the animal back into our care. Already have a pet? Tell us all about them in the comment section!