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Laundry Day Tips and Tricks

Riverscape Blog, Odenton, MD  Laundry day doesn't have to mean fighting with stains and searching for socks. Try these tips instead!

If your Mount Washmore just keeps growing until it’s overflowing your hampers, today’s Riverscape blog post is for you! Our laundry day tips will help you conquer Mount Washmore once and for all, so read on for solutions to problems you may not have even realized you have. Happy climbing!


Laundry Day Tips


For stain removal methods, we recommend this Stain Solutions Guide. It was put together by the University of Illinois Extension Office. It has an impressively comprehensive list of stain-causing agents and how to take them out.


Stop the stench! If you (or someone who lives with you) tends to create a general stinky stench, use this tip to stop the stench. Fill an old nylon (knee highs work great) with baking soda and hang it inside your hamper. The soda will absorb the odor and everyone will be happier.


Mount a whiteboard near your washer/dryer, and as you do laundry jot down anything that goes into the washer that needs to air dry so you remember to pull it out before you start the dryer.


Hang a curtain rod, or use a spring-loaded shower rod above your washer and dryer to hang laundry on as it comes out of the dryer. This is a great way to prevent wrinkles from forming.


Keep the change! It happens, you forget to clean out the pockets before you load the washing machine, and you end up with newly washed change at the bottom of your machine. Put a “tip jar” by your washer and toss the loose change into it; when you have filled it use the coins and cash to reward yourself for all of the laundry you’ve done. In fact, now that you’ve conquered Mount Washmore we think you should take all of the change you’ve collected from all of the pockets and head to your favorite Odenton, MD coffee shop for a hot latte!


What are your tips for making laundry day easier? We’d love to learn more; please share in the comments.