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Delicious Finds in Odenton

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When foodies think of food, they don't often think of Odenton, MD. But there are a couple places cropping up unique to our city that is starting to change that. Luckily, living at Riverscape puts you next door to some of the best places to pick up dinner in town. These local spots cant be found anywhere else, so make sure to check them out when you can for something special! (Reviews courtesy of Yelp.)

 The Hideaway "This was truly a tucked away, hidden gem. We kind of pigged out when we went. We ordered the Fatty Melt (!!!!!), brussles, the smoke fried chicken, and a brownie with a scoop of chocolate bacon ice cream. YES, BACON. The desserts are freshly made. The scoop was perfect. This is one of the few places that actually give you a good size of ice cream for the amount of brownie. Actually, they gave us a huge scoop. We made it worthwhile by splitting the meal in half so we both could try a piece of the goodness." - Mike G.

 Grace Garden "You know how Anthony Bourdain travels the world in search of the greatest food experiences in the world? Well you don't have to do all that. Right here in the region, you can have wonderful experiences like that of Grace Garden. Located in a hole in the wall location in a strip mall in some small town is this gem. The reviews says it all - try the fish noodles. Try the chive blossoms. Everything is fresh, delicious, and writing this review makes me want more." - David D.

Hana Japanese Cuisine "Five Stars! They earned it. I came in about 1pm on a Tuesday. Seated at the bar and the ladies were very attentive. The fish was very fresh and they came out in timely matters. I loved the Godzilla roll. it was the best part. and finally someone in MD understood what I meant when I said seared salmon. the next best thing is the location ! it's soooo close to my apt definitely a new favorite spot. & to top it all off .. they have daily specials & my bill was definitely not as expensive as I thought it was be. REASONABLE prices for such quality food I ordered Seared Salmon, Lunch Sushi Special , Salad, 6 pcs of sushi & Cali Roll, Godzilla Roll, Short Sapporo: $41.00. Definitely worth it. So full and satisfied." - Buddah L.

Have you been to one of the three restaurants on our list? Did we miss your favorite eatery in Odenton? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!