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Communicating through Letters

Riverscape Blog, Odenton, MD   It's Universal Letter Writing week January 8-14, and we've got tips for communicating via the written work in today's post.

It’s always exciting to receive a personal letter in your mailbox here at Riverscape, but it rarely happens anymore what with the advent of email, text, chat, and messenger. This month, though, we’re advocating the lost art of writing letters in our blog post. So take some time to share your thoughts and send a letter to someone here in Odenton, MD, across the country, or around the world in support of Universal Letter Writing Week January 8th – 14th.


Letters of Frustration

Before we talk about writing letters to the people you care about, we want to write about letters you might want to write but not send. Writing a letter of frustration is a great way to vent your frustrations, let go of grudges, and reset your mind. Don’t send your letter, but use the form of letter writing to work out an argument you may be having with a friend or a coworker. Once you’ve written the letter, take a deep breath and hide the letter in a deep dark drawer (or throw it away). This will help you vent your negative feelings without having an angry confrontation with someone you care about.


Letter to Yourself

This is another letter you might not be sending this month. Write a letter to yourself outlining your plans for the next five years, your dreams, and what your life is like at the present moment. Write a future date on the envelope and commit to opening your letter on that date. This is a great way to see where you’re going and how far you’ve come. You’ll be very surprised with what your past-self has written.


Letter of Gratitude

Take some time this month to write to someone who has given you invaluable advice, been an incomparable friend, or helped you out during a difficult time of your life. There are plenty of people to thank this year, so take some time to jot down a quick note and make their day.


Say Hello

Email, social media, and Skype are all popular forms of long distance communication, but why not surprise someone you love who lives far away by writing them a letter this month? Writing a letter will convey a feeling of closeness and camaraderie that just isn’t possible through the internet.


For tips on letter writing, visit Little Coffee Fox, who has a great article on “The Art of Writing Letters.” Share your experiences with letter writing in the comments if you’d like. We’re always happy to hear from members of our apartment community!