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Caring for Your Car

Riverscape Blog, Odenton, MD Apartments  Stay on top of the condition of your vehicle by paying attention to it and giving it the care it needs. Make these habits part of your routine to do so!

Here at Riverscape in Odenton, MD we are pleased to provide covered parking and a car care center for members of our apartment community. In today’s blog post, we have some car care tips, plus some helpful apps to use for navigation and servicing your car.


Car Care Tips


Try hacks for cleaning the interior.

Cleaning the inside of your car isn’t always fun and easy, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve deep cleaned. But there are a few ways you can easily get rid of stains, animal hair, dust, or other stubborn marks and messes. We love the suggestions in BuzzFeed’s article, “23 Ways to Make Your Car Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been,” especially the idea to use a squeegee for removing pet hair, a Magic Eraser for getting rid of sticky substances from vinyl and leather, and a foam paint brush to get the dust between air vents or other nooks and crannies.


For the outside of the car, Consumer Reports recommends using “a dedicated car-wash product, which is milder and specifically designed for use on automotive paint.”  First, spray the car with water to rinse off loose dirt and debris, then “apply the suds with a large, soft natural sponge or lamb’s-wool mitt.”  Do not move the sponge in circles (which can leave swirl marks), but rather move it lengthwise across the car’s surfaces. Rinse the sponge often in a separate bucket of water, so as not to reapply bits of dirt to the car.


Once the car has been thoroughly washed (wash the wheels and tires with a separate sponge and dedicated wheel cleaner if necessary), rinse completely, and remove excess water with a soft-rubber edged squeegee, then dry with a chamois or soft terrycloth towels. Blot rather than wipe, and completely dry.


For more detailed directions, refer to the Consumer Reports, How to Wash Your Car,  article. We love to see all the shiny-clean cars here at Riverscape apartments!


Helpful Apps



Taking the guesswork out of where to find the best price for gas is what this app delivers. GasBuddy posts local gas prices so you can see at a glance the best place to fill up. It shows what grades are available including diesel. Available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.


Repair Pal

It happens to all of us, that weird sound our car starts to make, or the intermittent service engine light popping on then off, or an unfortunate accident and we’re in the market for a mechanic. But how do you budget for the repair? How do you know what you should expect to pay? Instead of calling around for repair quotes, let Repair Pal do the legwork for you and give you a localized estimate of what you can expect to pay. Available for iOS and Android.


What other tips or hacks do you have for keeping your car clean and running efficiently for you? Share with the rest of us by leaving a comment so we can all benefit! Thanks for reading. Good luck!